A Bridge Across the Chasm

Book Two in the Promises Book Series

“What the hell was that?” Lisbeth shouted. “Did you see how he looked at me and even tried to paw me? He’s worse than you ever said. And why did he question us about the children’s ages? I’m upset, Jürgen—scared he’ll find out.” 

“Calm down, darling; he doesn’t know anything or have any reason to be suspicious.”

In A Bridge Across the Chasm, book two in the Promises series, Greg Carson continues the backstory of the Behrmann family in Germany.

It’s 1941 and the Gestapo has just arrested Jürgen’s wife, Lisbeth, friend Sophie, and adopted daughter Trudi. The Behrmann family is feeling the direct effects of the Holocaust for the first time.

While all this is happening Jürgen and nurse Lili make a life and death decision leaving them on shaky moral ground. Jürgen’s son, Didi, encounters the most enchanting woman. Their journey becomes perilous as the Wehrmacht closes in and Lisbeth adjusts to the reality of ghetto life.

Through many twists and turns we get the backstory of events leading up to the fateful day.

Will faith and promises be enough to save those in peril? Will Wolf, Jürgen’s Nazi brother, discover his and Lisbeth’s secret?