A Bridge to Somewhere

Book One in the Promises Book Series

“Then we agree on our pact as blood brothers and what we must do from this day forward?”

“Yes, Jürgen.” 

“Then it’s sealed in blood,” Jürgen proclaimed as the boys separated their fingers. 

“It’s sealed in blood,” confirmed Markus.

In Promises—A Bridge to Somewhere, Greg Carson tells the fictional story of two boys, Jürgen, a German and Markus, a Jew, in pre-World War II Germany. After contracting the Spanish flu and laying on his deathbed, Markus asks Jürgen for a big favor. Jürgen agrees, and keeping his promise brings trouble in war-torn Germany.

Through a series of twists and turns, we find Doctor Jürgen Behrmann on the run from the German Army. The Gestapo has sent his wife Lisbeth to a Polish ghetto and his son Didi has been sentenced to a German death squad.

Follow their intense World War II saga as Jürgen, Lisbeth, and Didi fight to survive, relying on courage, faith, and grit to sustain them as they encounter the unthinkable. Book one of his three-part Promises series.